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Buy online Primo Water Pump Dispenser Handle Carry Handle Convenient Spout Cap

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  • Dispenses refreshing room temperature water. No electricity required.
  • Carry handle for easy transport. Supports the full weight of the bottle.
  • Convenient spout cap seals bottles for easy transport and prevents dripping.
  • Sets up in minutes – just add a bottle of Primo water (sold separately). Fits Primo 3 and 5 gallon press top bottles (55mm). Adapter for Primo 3 & 5-gallon screw cap bottles (48mm) is included.

Now you can take great-tasting water almost anywhere with the Primo portable water dispenser. Simply attach it to the top of a 3 or 5 Gallon Primo water bottle, pump the handle and away you go. Whether you choose a 3 or 5 Gallon bottle of Primo purified water with minerals or you refill your own bottle at a Primo self-service refill station, our multi-step reverse osmosis process ensures you’ll be drinking high-quality water

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