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Buy Online Laundry Washing Ball, Wash Without Detergent (4pcs)

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Laundry Washing Ball

The professional laundry ball desire to change the way we wash clothes from 2009, which could clean our clothes naturally, saving us money and enhancing the longevity of clothes.

This Laundry Washing Ball contains ceramic pellets which change the Ph balance of the water and washes your clothes without detergent! Help your clothes stay new longer and watch as they don't break down as fast from the harsh detergents!

Natural Working & Reusable

-The ceramic beads which collects odors, dirty and wast from your laundry is from earth, all natural.
-Nothing else needed when they work, simply put in the sun for an afternoon to refresh them.
-Lasts up 1500 loads, just need a little sun and they will be just as effective as the first wash.

How to use

1. Follow the fabric instruction separate the cloths as usual
2. Pre-treat the stubborn stains
3. Put the ball at the top of the washer
4. Start the wash
5. Takeout cloths after the washing
6. Refresh it in the sun 2-3 hours

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